Oakley  Supreme £77,500.00

2007 4 Horsebox
Weight: 12,000 kg G.V.W.

Quick Specification

  • Year: 2007 (-07-)
  • Oakley Supreme, 250 bhp, Manual
  • Mileage: 66,000.
  • HGV

2007 Oakley Supreme 3/4 Stall Horsebox, with luxury living accommodation. Blue cloth upholstery interior. High gloss cherry wood finish furniture/wall panels, wood effect flooring to all living areas. Full size gas oven with four hobs, combi microwave oven. Dark grey/blue Formica worktop, removable table to form double berth, Flat screen LCD T.V. and DVD player. Stainless steel kitchen Sink with black glass lid and hot and cold running water. Hot air heating (diesel fuelled). Fridge with small freezer compartment. Wet room with shower, toilet and sink. Three stainless steel adjustable padded divisions, three head dividers with viewing holes, 2 roof vents. Large external saddle rack locker with bridle hooks. Additional external storage locker with adjustable shelving. Electric start diesel fuelled generator. Mounted upon a 2007 Iveco ML12 E25, 250 bhp, 4 over 4 split manual gearbox, 12,000 kg G.V.W. chassis cab. Horse and reversing cameras, radio CD player. Horsebox only mileage of 66,000 miles.