Oakley Sunglasses distinguish authentic and fake? Teach you tell authentic and fake
Oakley brand by Jim Leonard Jane and basketball star Michael Jordan founded. Oakley UK glasses to enter the Chinese domestic market, also began to have JS generic profit on it. Now, we have to understand some simple identify the common sense of Oakley glasses true and false, in order to avoid the fake goods.
The glasses bag
Authentic Oakley glasses bag materials thick, grain is exquisite, colour and lustre is uniform, glasses bags suture with Oakley HDO high-definition optical technology logo. High-definition optical technology and fake goods are generally do not have this logo, only have simple printed logo in bag body
The glasses box appearance
Authentic Cheap Oakley glasses box materials smooth, uniform texture and fine, fine workmanship. And knockoffs, glasses boxes, relatively coarse texture and is loose, especially work has larger difference with the real thing, there are burrs or thread.
Watch glasses box inside
Authentic Oakley outlet glasses boxes, lifted the lid of internal security sponge liner is the integration of high temperature compression molding, good elasticity, the uniform cotton bubble is exquisite, smooth edges. Replicas of the security sponge liner is not overall, and cotton bubble is loose, and elastic.
Authentic slot cut neatly, glasses box glasses gap is moderate, glasses into a completely card in it, even if the glasses box inverted glasses and original with lenses won't drop, to ensure that the glasses in carrying on the way to zero friction. The replicas are just a few pieces of foam simple pad.
See the logo
Authentic glasses legs and lenses have a strong feeling, fully logo is long and narrow, Mosaic fit perfect. Fake logo closer to the elliptical in comparison, Mosaic is not perfect, you will be presented with burrs.
The glasses bazoo holds
Authentic Oakley glasses bazoo holds rubber glial soft and smooth, not friction bridge of the nose and cause discomfort, and glasses box height under the joint. Replicas of bazoo holds in rubber is hard, wearing a long time there will be a discomfort
The screw
Authentic Oakley Online glasses set screw is six slots imitation of plum blossom buckle down slide against the special screw loose. Replicas of the screw is just ordinary four recess screws. Look at mirror legs
Authentic Cheap Oakley Sunglasses Sale of the spacing between the two leg of mirror is wide, approximately equal to the average width of the skull majority, wearing comfortable, no pressure. While replicas mirror leg space narrow, wearing a long have oppressive feeling.
Different design details or difference, the experience for reference only.
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