Many people, including Michael kors outlet himself, and a lot of management, as well as a large number of the company's stock holders, because Michael Kors of popular and become the millionaire.When it comes to this, Silas Chou and Lawrence, roll will be millions of income.
So, these people could become "the canary in the mine" - refers to those events or people with early warning role.In 2012, the big shareholders will hand 52% of the company's shares, diluted to more than 15%, you must be very curious about a brand is good, why don't hold.
More importantly, whether they know, two years before we are not aware of?Whether they can predict the Michael Kors's ultimate fate?They associate it with the fate of dom telesco?
We do know is that these investors are not fuel-efficient lamp, especially in the field of fashion, they are all old.They really know how to use to make the brand become a "hot spicy chicken", they know how urgent to hype up a brand.This fact makes people quickly understand "Kors model" this popular phenomenon.
Last time the same thing happening to Coach called Fashion Note "has been mentioned, the Coach is in development.At one point, Coach, was once a run for 10 years in a row to win the s&p index of stocks, in October 2000 in March 2012 after the IPO to reach 3000% of the total revenue between the highest price.However, in March 2012 to February 2012 during fell by 36%, its biggest rivals in the United States during this period, Michael Kors is experiencing rapid growth, market value beyond Coach, has a 270% return since listed.
Michael kors uk
But now, Coach70 % of its revenues from outlet, who all know this brand is being depreciated.Coach same-store sales growth is slowing, the store traffic are lost, in this case, if you don't store optimization or has a unique creativity and design new products, sales decline is inevitable.Otherwise, the Coach's revenue growth will continue to rely on its international development, especially in China.
In China, more and more consumers choose Michael kors handbags, perhaps, you ask the female friends around, MK is her next dream handbag of choice.Because one step ahead, Coach, now in the Chinese market still has the lead on the scale and popularity.But this time window may not be too long, Coach, the year-on-year growth rate has been declining in China area. Looks quite ironic: first, Coach's weakness because Kors rob a lot of market share from it;Second, the Coach is to other product line expansion, mainly in clothing, thus hope to get growth;At the same time, Michael Kors is also hoping for a growth in the field of garment.

Finally, the "Fashion Note" also mentioned, Coach, hired a new designer, hope can reverse the brand image. Sorry, comrades once a brand become within reach, and by excessive exposure, let you don't want to see also want to see, so basically it has come at the beginning of the decline, and it's not a way to pull back.So, now you can have this conversation, told people that see, Michael Kors is not popular, then, must be you.
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