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Oakley Sustainability Policy

We are committed to ensure Oakley Coachbuilders will continue to be the market leaders in horsebox innovation whilst preserving and protecting the planet for future generations. We strongly support the 17 goals from the United Nations 2030 Agenda and believe they have the potential to deliver transformative change for both society and business. We are committed to reducing our impact on the environment through changes to the production process and ensuring our supply chain is doing the same.

Our staff abide by a strict environmental policy that asserts our aim to minimise pollution and waste products. This includes minimising waste in production through a continuous process of improvement and efficiency in our manufacturing process. Alongside reusing our waste materials wherever we can and utilising the services of specialist recycling companies, we choose luxury materials from suppliers with a sustainability conscience, such as Alcantara fabrics which have been carbon neutral since 2009 or FSC approved suppliers.

We only build on the latest available chassis through our network of Scania, Volvo, Iveco, Mercedes, MAN, DAF, and Renault dealers which meet or exceed the latest emission standards. As Hybrid and Electric vehicles become available, we work with our customers to ensure they have comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the sustainable options available such as the addition of solar panels or upgraded lithium batteries to their new or existing Oakley vehicles. With our comprehensive service, repair, and parts department as we continue to repair and update vehicles reducing the requirement for complete replacement.

We are committed to investing in a more sustainable future for our business. In 2007 we installed a Dual air system paint booth removing the use of solvent paints – the first in the country for larger vehicles. The installation of the solar panels on both factory sites started in 2018, as a source of renewable energy benefiting both the business and the environment. With the commitment to any future expansion and redevelopments of our manufacturing plants, we will encompass the latest renewable technology available.

By introducing electric vehicles to our company fleet instead of petrol/diesel vehicles we are increasingly reducing our fuel emissions.  Together with optimising our existing routing systems to reduce unnecessary miles and emissions.

Whilst continuing to be the best in British design and engineering, the health, safety, and well-being of our employees is our highest priority as an employer. To control the inherent risks of manufacturing we employ a specialist health and safety manager to be vigilant and compliant with the latest health and safety legislation. We have employees with more than 40 years of loyal service and some families are in the third generation working with us. We feel this is a testament to our commitment to and the value we place on our workforce and highlights our company culture.

Signed: Andrew Oakley                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Date: 04/02/2024



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